Annapolis Valley is where you find open spaces, ocean adventures and a coastal style of back-to-land living

Annapolis Valley and the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia is where you will find plenty of open spaces, ocean adventures, organic farms and an East Coast style of back-to-land living where it all began. Noted as the 3rd most important fruit growing area in Canada, Annapolis Valley shows off high tides accompanied by groves and orchards. Over the last decade, vineyards in the Annapolis Valley have helped produce highly recognized and awarded wines. Annapolis Royaleis a small town on the cusp that is home to some of the very first houses built in Canada. Many of these homes are fabulously restored and maintained, offering a taste of history.

Adventures in Annapolis

Whale Watching
Ocean Fishing
Tidal Bore Rafting
Lobster Feasting
Wine Tasting
Colonial House Gazing
Military History


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