Your adventure is geared up with a ton of luxuries and extras

Hotels and travel second to none

We're starting with a mini van for sure. But before we pick you up, we've customized it way beyond air conditioning and TV Screens for your relaxation and comfort. After a day on the ocean or the trails, you'll want pillows, throws not to mention cold drinks, snacks and for couples, we even take out the middle seat for max relax spaciousness.

Your hotels have been hand selected for their spasciousness as well as unique features including luxury surroundings, locations, views and amenities.

Let's take a look at some of your rooms and rides


No crowded bus, no waiting for dozens of other tourists and no choosing who gets a window seat.

SharkBite Adventures chauffers your entire trip in absolute luxury, letting you enjoy the views, snack, sleep after a day of adventure or watch the news. We've pimped your ride with throws, pillows, food, drinks and more. Your gear is transported in a leader vehicle leaving all the space in your van for you to relax in.

Our professional photographer will snapshot your entire tour so that you can forget the selfies yet have loads of great shots for home.


Luxury Trips of a Lifetime
for couples and small groups

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About Sharkbite Adventures

Sharkbite Adventures offers exclusive, small group, luxury adventure itineraries in the warm sub tropical southern shore of Nova Scotia Canada.

Established in 2017, Sharkbite Adventures has hosted guests from Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada. With offerings from Classic Adventure to Extreme Adventure and specialty Group Packages for Photographers and Investors, Sharkbite Adventures is the "Go To" for small group adventure itineraries in Nova Scotia. 
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