Home to World Famous Acadia University, Wolfville has some of the liveliest pubs and restaurants.

Wolfville is located in the north western region of the Annapolis Valley in Kings County. Located about 100 kilometres northwest ofHalifax, Wolfville is  a College Style town that has some of the liveliest pubs and restaurants offering some diverse fare. Thanks to the young and bold crowd living there, Wolfville is also fraught with adventure opportunity and will be where we make a home base when taking in some of the fun during your tour. From Ziplining and Rafting to Horse Back riding and carriage rides, Wolfville offers a host of unique adventure potential and is high on your list of most memorable parts of your visit.

Wolfville Adventures

Tidal Bore Rafting
River Rafting
Zip Lining
Bush Survival
Pubs and Fun Dining
Photo Opportunities